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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The super power Bryce Gruber was a pleasure to photograph. She showed up in a fabulous 50's hair-do or was it what reminded me of the Andrew Sisters.

Super posh and sophisticated, the stylist, Aidyn Crowe did Ms. Gruber perfect, enveloping her is a weighty wool dress that looked as light as a feather upon the svelte new mother of the Ben!

When team Lush Life arrived, we scoped out the joint and found a great wood wall. In front of the backdrop, Ms. Gruber appeared to be a precious debutante waiting for the right taker at the ball. Other moments, she struck me as the self-assured Joan Crawford in a film noir, without the bitchiness. Bryce is a kind and giving person. You can see it though the eyes of her fellow workers at the Luxury Spot!


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